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JVM Tehnologic (JVM) is a key company in the area of Integrated Banking Systems in the Romanian market, with an excellent number of references in the Banking Sector.


The core activity of JVM is the design and implementation of large software applications, mainly for the banking and financial market,

Our software accomplishes all basic functions of an efficient banking system:

Data Management

•Informational input into the system

•Informational storage and finding

•Data processing

•Data output

•Command and control


Business Considerations

•Very high standard of efficiency, configuration and modularity;

•Support the initial and future operations of the bank through the selection of an appropriate software and hardware platform;

•Provide existing and future client services in a cost effective and efficient manner;

•Equip the bank with a system that will assist  in maximizing the business potential and profitability in the developing local banking market;


•High level of automated data processing;

•Increase flexibility for market’s demands;

•Security and interactive data management;

•Providing a complete image over the situation of the given credits in efficient conditions of organization and control;

•Technical and specialized assistance at a high degree of competitiveness;

•Adaptable software according to the type of beneficiary that requests the service, the market that the beneficiary acts on, company’s interests, the level of development in the network, territorial expansion degree and other internal and external elements.



•The main characteristics that distinguish this software from other solutions are the high level of automated data processing, increased flexibility for market’s demands, security and interactive data management;



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