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Consumer Loans Module

Created and designed for:

•defining and managing the main features of consumer loans: Loans categories, accounts used, etc;

•credit applications processing and credit contracts, payments made under the credit agreement;

•daily / weekly / monthly reports for consumer loans and credit tracking;

Front Office Module

The Front-Office module is designed to automate the customer dealing activity and provides significant increases in organisational efficiency. Also it includes a very flexible lending control system, which automates loan origination process. The application can be used in bank HQ/branches, or by retailers , brokers , customers of the bank through a secured https channel.

The customer can sign the credit contract using digital signature certificate issued by a trusted certificate authority.

Soft Collection Module

Soft collection  is an application dedicated for collection activity and is useful for reduction  of the internal cost of recovery activity and make debt recovery staff more productive, with the result of improved recoverability of debt.

SEP Application

SEP Application administers payments, banking operations from branch level to NBR or other banks and vice versa. The system includes:


•S.W.I.F.T. Interface

Accounting Module

•Payment Orders Module

•Invoices: purchase, leasing, import, sale

•Accounting Monographs

•Balance (Analytical, synthetic), Balance with daily turnovers, monthly turnovers and 6 ties

•Balance in domestic and other currencies including the equivalent in LEI (or other currency)

•Fiscal Reporting

Treasury Management  Module

•MM Deposits and Placement

•Management of FOREX operations (Spot, SWAP, Forward)

•Dealing room reports

•Automatic generation of accounting notes and consolidation with the accounting module.

•Specific Reports

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